El Pequeño Jardin

"T  h  e        L  i  t  t  l  e        G  a  r  d  e  n"

Welcome to El Pequeño Jardin!

El Pequeño Jardin, “The Little Garden”, is a nursery located on the Nature Coast in the town of Dunnellon, Florida. Our nursery grew out of a passionate love of plants, and dreams to be able to share those plants with friends. We focus on growing Cycads, Palms, Shrubs, and Trees that thrive in our area.

For details and information of our current plant stock, please click the pictures on our Plant List page.

Staying Green with Flora™” is both our motto and part of our mission statement. We hope by visiting our new and evolving Website, a blooming relationship will thrive and also benefit you in your quest of plant knowledge and ownership of fine plant material.

After browsing the El Pequeño Jardin website please go to our Contact Us page so we can assist you in acquiring any of our plant stock. We look forward to hearing from friends of the “Staying Green with Flora™” plant community.


Licensed and Approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services  -  Division of Plant Industry